HousingHousing is one of the main things we need to get right for people with a learning disability.  Anne Williams the new National Director for Learning Disabilities says that housing is very important and she hopes that more people can live in their own home in their local area.
One of things that 'Valuing People Now' says is that all people with learning disabilities and their families should be able to make their own choices about where they live and who they live with. So it is important to give people with a learning disability and their families more choices about housing.  
The 'Housing Subgroup' is part of the Partnership Board.  The subgroup will make sure people with learning disabilities have information and choice about where they want to live.


Supported Living

The Supported Living service supports people in their own homes. 

The amount of support given to a person is based on their assessed needs. Some people share their homes with other people who have similar needs.  Many houses provide support staff every hour of the day.  Some houses have staff there to give support during the night.

Some people who live in their own homes don't need a lot of support and they might not need a member of support staff to be there all the time.  And some people don't need support at night.


Shared Lives (this used to be called Adult Placement) 

shared lives4The Shared Lives Service is for people with a learning disability, older people, people with mental health problems, physical disabilities or sensory impairments who need personal care and/or support and who would benefit from sharing a lifestyle in a home environment.  

The Shared Lives Service puts people in touch with specially recruited carers from the community.  These carers are single people, couples or families who offer accommodation and support within their own homes.  The Shared Lives Service can also provide kinship support without accommodation.

The service can offer long term placements, short term placements, respite placements and day support.   The day support service can be used on a hourly basis.

If you want to know more about becoming a Shared Lives carer or finding someone to care for you or support you, please contact the Shared Lives Team on (01254) 585899. Or you can click here to download the Shared Lives Service leaflet.

There's more information about housing for people with a learning disability in Blackburn with Darwen on the 'Your Support, Your Choice' website.


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