National Response to the Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities

Item from Lynn James-Jenkinson from the North West Training and Development Team and Pathways Associates CIC:

Since the Panorama programme was aired on 31st May I have been working with a small group of people nationally which has included the co-chairs of the National Forum, representatives of the National Valuing Families Forum, NDTi, BILD, Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, MENCAP and others (see attached letter for a full list) to draft a co-ordinated national response to Government on what should be done in response to the Winterbourne View abuse. Also to consider what should be done to help ensure people do not continue to be put at risk of facing such abuse.  

As a result the group, has produced a national response which has now been signed by 86 individuals and organisations who have been involved personally and professionally for many years to support children and adults with a learning disability live their lives as full and equal citizens in our society.We don't claim it is perfect, it is based upon what the small group of us in a room could discuss and agree on in two and a half hours!   A number of other organisations have since added their signatories to the original 15 or so of us in the time we had available as we wished to make it as clear as possible that the learning disability field feels collective outrage about this and are united in wanting to see action.   We have sent this response now in the form of a letter to Rt Honourable David Cameron MP and the contents have been made public this morning (22/5/11).  

A copy of the letter can be found at  

An Easy Read version of the paper can be found at

The Press Release can be found at

Please feel free to circulate this information to as many individuals and organisations as possible.   In addition, what was the North West Regional Programme Board met yesterday (21/6/11) to develop an action plan together to consider what we have already done in the North West that we can share nationally and the areas that we can work on. The notes of this meeting will be shared as soon as they have been finalised and will be a focus for discussion at the next Regional Self Advocates Forum, Regional Family Forum and Regional Lead Officers Forum.   I will make every effort to ensure that you are kept informed of the response we receive and of any way you, individually and collectively, can continue to work with us to do all we can to make sure that this time the lessons are learned and short and long term action is taken to support people live their lives as full and equal citizens and not in fear of this kind of abuse for themselves, their friends or their family.

For more information please feel free to contact me at   Thank You   Lynn


Director / CEX
NWTDT / Pathways Associates CIC

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