Personalisation and Direct Payments

PersonalisationPersonalisation and Direct Payments

At the minute people can choose to have a 'Direct Payment' instead of a service from Adult Social Services.  But the Government wants to give people more choice and control through 'Personalisation'.  You can find out more about Direct Payments and Personalisation below.


Direct Payments
The Direct Payments scheme is when Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council gives you money to buy the support you need.  You can choose and buy your own support.  You become the boss of your own support.  This gives you more choice and control in your life.

If you already get help from Social Services you can choose to have a Direct Payment.

If you choose to have a Direct Payment the money will be paid into you or your agent's bank account. You can get help to arrange your money.  


What can I use Direct Payments for?
The Direct Payment Scheme can help you buy support to do every day tasks, such as:

  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Getting washed and dressed
  • Help at College or University
  • Help getting to work or at work

You can use an agency or employ a personal assistant; this means you become an employer. You can choose both options if you like.

Your Care Manager can help you decide what help you need and how you can use the Direct Payment Scheme to meet your needs.

Is Direct Payments right for me?
The Direct Payments scheme gives you more control and choice with the support you need.  It will improve your wellbeing and confidence.

It gives you the right to choose who meets your support needs, and when and where they support you.

All people using Blackburn with Darwen Direct Payments Scheme are welcome to join The Peer Support Group. This is where you can meet up with other people who get Direct Payments.  Lots of people find this a good way of meeting friends and learning more about Direct Payments and how Direct Payments can be used.


How can I find out more about Direct Payments?
You can talk to your Care Manager or The Direct Payments Team who will help you decide if you would like to get Direct Payments.

You can contact the Direct Payments Team on (01254) 585339 or you can e-mail


What is Personalisation?
Personalisation is a new way to think about how people get more choice and control over their life.

Personalisation uses a system called 'Self Directed Support'.  Self Directed Support helps you take more control over your life.

Instead of social services deciding what support is best for you, you get to choose how your support needs will be met.  You get an amount of money to spend on support, and you decide how to spend it.  You are at the centre of the care and support planning process. 


How does Self Directed Support work?
You have an assessment and find out how much you can get to pay for your support. This is called your 'Personal Budget'.

You make a 'Support Plan' which tells us how you want the money to be spent - you can get help with this if you need it.

Your Support Plan tells us how much control you want to have.  It also tells us who will support you, when this will be and what they will be supporting you with.  You can arrange your support yourself or you can have help with this.

You then get on with living your life.  You will need to tell us at your review if you are achieving your goals.


More information

Click here to download the 'easy guide to being in control of your support' leaflet

In Control and Me, the joint In Control and MENCAP project, has produced 25 fact sheets to help you understand self directed support. 

Click here to see the list of fact sheets. 

For more information about Personalisation and Self Directed Support, please contact us.



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