Service Users and Carers

Service users and carersThe Partnership Board gives people a chance to have a say in how services can be changed to make the lives of people with a learning disability and their carers better. A vote was held to choose which service users would be part of the board. The service users are supported to take part in the board. Carers are members of the board too.

The service user representatives have their own meeting before the Partnership Board so that they can choose what things they want to talk about. They ask other service users to tell them what they think about things, and they tell the Partnership Board what people have said.

You can have your say in making things better for people with learning disabilities even if you aren't a member of the board by attending the 'We speak, you listen' network meetings. The 'We speak, you listen' network meets on a regular basis in Blackburn with Darwen.

The 'We speak, you listen' group is supported by an advocacy group. They have recently talked about transport, having friends, hate crime and feeling safe.  If you would like to attend the 'We speak, you listen' group please contact us.

You can download the easy read minutes (notes) of the 'We speak, you listen' meetings using the links below:


'We speak, you listen minutes' 25 October 2010

'We speak, you listen minutes' 20 September 2010

'We speak, you listen minutes' 27 July 2010

'We speak, you listen minutes' 13 April 2010

'We speak, you listen minutes' 23rd February 2010

'We speak, you listen minutes' 19th January 2010

'We speak, you listen minutes' 24th November 2009 

'We speak, you listen minutes' 20th October 2009 

'We speak, you listen minutes' 1st September 2009

'We speak, you listen minutes' 28th July 2009

'We speak, you listen minutes' 30th June 2009

'We speak, you listen minutes' 19th May 2009

'We speak, you listen minutes' 28th April 2009

'We speak, you listen minutes' 30th March 2009


At every Partnership Board meeting we talk about carers. This is a chance for carers to have a say in how services should be made better. Carers know what it is like to care for someone with a learning disability, so it is important that we listen to what carers have to say.

The Partnership Board is an opportunity for carers to talk to people from the Council and the NHS. The Partnership Board has carer representatives from people whose son or daughter is still using children's services; people who are in the process of making the transition from Children's Services into Adults' Services, and people who are already using services for adults.

If you want more information about how service users and carers can get involved with the Partnership Board, please contact us.

You can find out more information about services for carers in Blackburn with Darwen  on the 'Your Support, Your Choice' website and the Carers Service website.




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